Watch: Girl Lashes Out When Co-Passenger Harasses Her


Watch Video: Girl lashes out when co-passenger harasses her

The video represents uncomfortable situation that many girls face while travelling on public transport, with a very strong message.

Girl lashes out when co-passenger harasses her

We often come across stories about girls being eve-teased or inappropriately touched while travelling on public transport. There are times when people pass vulgar comments addressed to a woman and it’s not something new that they have been experiencing.

However, the sad part is that not every girl stands for herself and tries to put an end to it. At times it’s necessary to publicly shame the culprit.

This video shows a girl who was being publicly harassed by a co-passenger and she decided to give back to the guy.

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The clip shows a girl travelling on a rikshaw being constantly invaded by a man sitting next to her. She tries to ignore him for a while but when the man doesn’t stop she lashes out.

“The day we start talking, you won’t be able to show your face,” says the girl in the video:

The video is a reconstruction of a true incident. Actor Varun Pruthi, who is popular for his social experiments on tape have uploaded this video which went viral within no time. The video has got over 6.2 million views.

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“Take a stand for yourself. Not all men are same. Just want to share a thought, If we don’t have the courage to take a stand for ourselves then how can we expect a stranger to have the courage to take a stand for us and moreover how will we ever take a stand for others if we can’t take a Stand for ourselves… Stand for yourself first and others will also take a stand for you,” writes Varun Pruthi.

Click here to watch the video:

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