Things You Should Know About Prisma Photo Application

Things You Should Know About Prisma Photo Application

Things You Should Know About Prisma Photo App

Do you want your photos to turn into artworks based on the styles of famous artists – Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan? If yes, try Prisma, the latest photo-enhancing app.

You can turn your boring selfies and pictures into artworks with the help of Prisma. In fact, Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has already tried it and posted her picture on Instagram yesterday after making it art with Prisma.

It will come in photographic filter category.

The app is free. So, you too can give it a try by converting your picture into an art work in three easy steps.

  • You first need to select a picture, pick a style such as gothic or robot and enjoy the result.

how to use prism application

Few Things To Consider When You Use Prisma App

1. Not Available on Android Yet:



download prisma app for iOSThis app is only available on right now. An Android version of Prisma will come soon, according to Prisma Fb Page.

2. May encounter a few server-down errors:

According to its Facebook page, Prisma has “became the most downloaded app in 10 countries within nine days”. Due to increased load on its server, you might face a few server-down errors.

3. Some camera functions are missing:

prisma camera functions

You’ll notice that some functions such as HDR or self-timer features are missing in Prisma.

4. Free of watermark:

Go on the app’s settings page, enable watermarks and then get it deactivated. Your instant artwork will bear no mark or branding.

5. Prisma has around 20 art filters:

prisma app art filters

The app contains around 20 art filters at this point, with some of the art/graphical starting points including the Scream, Baroque, DC comic graphic as well as abstract artworks. More filters will be added soon.

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