Rajasthan Gangster Punishing Toll Plaza Workers For Charging Money


Watch Rajasthan Gangster Punished Toll Plaza Workers For Charging Money

Rajasthan Gangster Punishing Toll Plaza Workers For Charging Money

Employees at a toll plaza are seen on camera kneeling down before an alleged gangster and holding their ears, in an incident in Rajasthan‘s Ajmer.

The man who issue out the punishment is Dhan Singh, famous as a gangster in Ajmer who was jailed for keeping a weapon illegally and released on bail earlier this month. For his outrageous muscle-flexing, he picked a toll plaza on the Ajmer Kota state highway.

Dhan Singh, 36, can be seen driving into the toll booth at an area called Sarwad. Asked to pay toll, he warrant the employees one by one and orders them to sit with their head between their knees, in what is known as the “murga punishment”.
He allegedly also threatened them saying they should quit the toll booth within a month. One of his aides filmed the entire “punishment” on mobile video.

The CCTV footage has been given as evidence to the police by the toll workers, who have also alleged in a complaint that Dhan Singh was holding a gun.

“We are investigating why he had a dispute with the toll plaza employees, it could also be that he was trying to extort money, we will arrest him soon and get to the bottom of the matter,” said Nitindeep Bullgan, a senior police officer in Ajmer.

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According to the police, Dhan Singh has 32 cases against him, including robbery and violation of the Arms Act. He jumped parole and was missing for over a year before being arrested again in November.

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