Hyderabadi Sets World Record For Most number of Hugs in a Minute


Hyderabad Man Creates World Record For Most Number of Hugs in a Minute

Hyderabad man sets world record for most number of hugs in a minute

A hilarious video shows him quickly giving hugs to individuals  both children and adults  who are waiting in line for their turn.

One Indian man decided to hug his way to the Guinness World Records by giving the most number of hugs in one minute. Krishan Kumar, who is a resident of Hyderabad, Telangana managed to hug a total of 79 people in just 60 seconds and earned his place in history on March 5th, 2016.

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There’s even a guy who makes sure that the volunteers move smoothly as they queue for a quick embrace.

Apart from two people keeping track of the time using stopwatches, a man can also be heard in the background counting the number of people receiving the hugs.

Watch the Video Here:

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