Google starts rolling out internet speed test into search results

Google Starts Rolling Out Internet Speed Test Into Search Results

Google starts rolling out internet speed test into search results

Google internet speed test is rolling out through the search results.

Last month, a report suggested that Google is working on an internet speed test tool that will be built right into the search result. Now, it looks like the company has started rolling out (via) the feature for some users.

As per a new report, few users spotted the speed test tool in the US when they typed ‘check my internet speed’ in Google search. Falling in line with previous report, the search result shows a widget that lets you run the speed test without opening any third-party sites such as Ookla.

Once the key phrase typed, Google automatically opens up a widget shown above and provides us the download, upload speeds along with Latency, server details and the Google’s conclusion about the quality of the service.

Based on the speed available to us, Google is also providing additional information on which type of services we can enjoy with that speed without any trouble.

Still, it is unclear when Google is rolling out the Speed test feature across the Globe. If the feature is available we don’t need to visit other sites to check our internet speed and no need to download and install third-party speed test apps from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Everything can be possible through simple Google search term.

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