Google Finally Releases Allo Messenger for Android and iPhones

Google Released Allo Messenger App for Android and iPhones

Google Finally Releases Allo Messenger for Android and iPhones

What is Google Allo app?

Similar to Google Duo, the latest application “Google Allo” is also works based on the registered mobile number. The app has the potentiality to give stiff competition to the Whatsapp messenger with plenty of new powerful features.

  • Allo is Google’s new instant messaging app.
  • Google already owns Hangouts, a messaging service that also includes video chat

Back at Google I/O in May, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new way of interacting with your loved ones with its messenger Allo. This was mainly concentrated on blending AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Google goodness to make our casual chats a lot more intuitive and fun.

Although the Allo was just showcased at the I/O, it was far from the actual unveiling, until today. Google has finally launched the Allo messenger for Android and iPhone users across the globe.

One of the biggest feature of this new messenger is that it is integrated with the Google Assistant which was also announced back at Google I/O.

Google Released Allo Apk for Android 


Google Allo app released for android and iosThe Google Assistant is basically an upgraded Google Now which is one of the smartest personal assistant seen on various Android smartphones as well as iOS. This new Assistant is now a hybrid between a conversational assistant and a chat bot as it is fused into Allo.

Allo allows users to have group chats, use custom stickers in the conversations and even summon the assistant into an on-going chat, making the conversations a lot more intuitive and dynamic.

Google’s AI learns your conversation and can predict replies based on more than text. It also helps you in finding location, images, GIFs, save information, and more.

As the Google Assistant is fused into the app, you can ask queries such as asking about the flight status, or asking about a pizza place nearby, book a cab etc. The assistant not only gives you results, it keeps it natural and feels a lot more human.

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