How to use Google Allo Application

How to use Google Allo Application?

Google Allo app released for android and ios

Once you installed Google Allo on your smartphone, you can find those friends who are already using Google Allo from your phone contacts.

Register with your mobile number and it will ask you take a selfie or you can upload an image. Enter your name.

  • You will find Google Assistant, Send a Message and Start a Group Chat options after registering.

Google Allo app for android

With Google Assistant option, you can ask your queries like latest news information, technology news or you want to book a cab or any other queries. Google Assistant will answer your queries in fraction of seconds.

The messaging app offers stickers, lnk, whisper-shout, emojis, smart reply features to the users. The app learns the conversation patterns when you are chatting with your friends and offers SwiftKey keyboard style chat predictions whenever you needed.

how to use Google Allo messenger app

The “Smart Reply” feature also predicts the photos you are sharing with your buddies. Google Allo comes with “Google Now” direct integration in the app. You can make Google search inside the Google Allo application without leaving it. The app offers the incognito mode for more security and discreet notifications features.

Google Allo App in iOS

Allo allows its users to scribble texts just iMessage on the iOS 10. At launch, there are more than 25 new sticker packs and Google has created custom stickers teaming up with various artists.

In order to break the monotony of the chats, Allo gets a feature called the ‘whisper shout’, which allows users to control the intensity of the text on the chat, creating a bigger impact. After typing the text, you can press and hold the send button for a slider to pop open which can be slid up for a really big text or vice versa.

Install Google Allo Messenger App for Android

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