Fardeen Khan Gets Trolled on Twitter for Weight Gain


Chocolate Boy To Rosogulla: Fardeen Khan Gets Trolled on Twitter for Weight Gain

Fardeen Khan Gets Trolled on Twitter for Weight Gain

Fardeen Khan was considered to be a very good looking and a well maintained actor although his acting skills failed to impress the audience.

Unfortunately the actor who was going through depression and break downs, has put on a lot of weight.

It’s so hard to digest the fact that it’s the same Fardeen Khan who has been the rage for the girls out there and now he looks so old and stressed out.

Fardeen Khan has made a comeback. But this time it’s on social media and he’s getting trolled. The actor has gained a considerable amount of weight and was recently spotted at the Mumbai airport. The actor hasn’t been in the limelight for quite some time now and everyone seems to be wondering about the reason behind this extreme physical transformation.

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Fardeen Khan is the latest victim of Body shaming  and its sad…Though the former actor was trolled, many also spoke up in his defence condemning body shamers.

Well, in a weird game of equality, Fardeen Khan seems to be having as bad a time as any Bollywood actress would have had in the given situation. Some even attributed the weight gain to an alleged drug addiction.



Fardeen Khan Trolled by Twitter Comments over Weight Gain

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Fardeen Khan Gets Trolled for Weight Gain

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