Brussels Attacks 2016|Brussels Airport Terror Bomb Blast news

Brussels Attacks 2016|Brussels Airport Terror Bomb Blast News

brussels attack 31 dead terror strikes

At least 31 people have been killed and many seriously injured in attacks at Brussels international airport and a city metro station.

Twin blasts hit Zaventem airport at 07:00 GMT, killing 11 and injuring 81, Belgium’s health minister said.

Another explosion struck Maelbeek metro station an hour later. The Brussels mayor said at least 20 people were killed, according to Belgian media.

Belgium has now raised its terrorism threat to its highest level.Terror alerts rose across Europe, in the U.S. and around the world.

The attacks come four days after Salah Abdeslam, the main fugitive in the Paris attacks, was seized in Brussels.

Prime Minister Charles Michel called the latest attacks “blind, violent and cowardly”, adding: “This is a day of tragedy, a black day… I would like to call on everyone to show calmness and solidarity”.

In the U.S., The White House said President Obama was briefed about the explosions at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba, where he’s on the third day of a Latin American tour. He’s expected to address the situation during a speech to the Cuban people Tuesday.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch was coordinating efforts by the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to provide assistance to Brussels authorities, a Justice Department official said. The official was not authorized to speak publicly.

The Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Washington promised K-9 sweeps and additional patrols, and the New York Police Department said “counterterrorism resources” were ramping up security at tourist attractions and major transportation centers.

Brussels Terror Attacks: At least 31 dead in Brussels Terror Strikes


There were no indications of specific threats against U.S. targets, authorities attack 31 dead in terror strikes

The metro blast occurred shortly after 08:00 GMT during the rush hour at Maelbeek station.

It struck the middle carriage of a three-carriage train while it was moving away from the platform.

Alexandre Brans told AP: “The metro was leaving Maelbeek station when there was a really loud explosion. It was panic everywhere. There were a lot of people in the metro.”

As well as those killed, Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur said more than 100 people had been injured, 17 of them severely, VRT reported.



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