Apple Opens Development Centre in Hyderabad For Maps


Apple CEO Tim Cook in India | Apple Opens Development Centre in Hyderabad For Maps 

Apple opens development centre in hyderabad

Apple announced the opening of a new office in Hyderabad that will focus on development of its Maps product.

The company announced yesterday that it is going to open an iOS app design center in Bengaluru.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook who currently on the tour of India met with Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao and inaugurated the facility. The center is located on the Waverock campus.

“Apple is focused on making the best products and services in the world and we are thrilled to open this new office in Hyderabad which will focus on Maps development,” said Cook.

“The talent here in the local area is incredible and we are looking forward to expanding our relationships and introducing more universities and partners to our platforms as we scale our operations,” he added.

Apple Opens Development Centre in Hyderabad For Maps said Tim Cook

The company has been cautious after their initial debacles with Apple maps. They are adding new features as well including 3D views and flyover guidance. Some other utilities include the ability to find shops, restaurants and so on nearby. Apple maps also has transit feature for 300 cities in the world for finding better ways to commute.

“We are honored Apple chose Hyderabad as a home for its Maps development office. This will create thousands of jobs here and is a testimony to our proactive approach, quality infrastructure, and the excellent talent base we have in the region,” said CM KCR.

This investment will accelerate Maps development and create up to 4,000 jobs, says the company.

In India, Apple Maps has remained a neglected feature and doesn’t offer the kind of options that Maps does in the US, Europe and China. In these countries Apple Maps includes features like 3D views, Public Transit system, options for shopping, coffee, restaurants, etc. But now with a new dedicated development office for Maps in India, it looks like Apple plans to change all of this.

The new facility, located on the Waverock campus, will provide a world-class, LEED-certified home for the expanding Maps team, says the company.

tim cook inaugurate apple development centre in hyderabad

Cook started his India tour yesterday in Mumbai by visiting Siddhivinay temple. He also met a bunch of start-up founders and CEOs. Bollywood star SRK also hosted a party for him later in the evening.

He is expected to meet the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday to discuss the future roadmap of Apple in India.

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