Amazing things that you can do with the Google Search engine


Amazing Things That You Can Do With Google Search Engine

Amazing things that you can do with the Google Search engine

Google is the most popular search engine and is a name that needs no introduction to the internet users. In fact many use Google as a synonym to internet. Google’s search engine is popular and many use it regularly. But many don’t have known about these amazing tricks.

Spin the Webpage

The first awesome and amazing thing that you can do with your Google search engine is, just search for “do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice”. This search will spin your web page. Yes just try and see this trick. You will be amazed.

Amazing things that you can do with the Google

Special Days

Yes. Now search for special days and holidays on Google now and get reminders. So there will no possibility of missing Mothers’ day and Fathers’ day.

Books search

Are you interested in searching popular books of a particular author. Its so easy. Just type “books by author name” in the search and Google will present you the popular books of the author.

Songs search

Similar to the books search, you can also search for songs by the particular musician. Just search in the browser for “songs by musician name”. You will get the results.

Google Translate

Many of you may know Google Translator but definitely not this manual feature which allows you to write the symbol or letter in any language and then translate it to the language of your choice.

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 Google Now

Do you know that you can actually speak your searches and when you try these searches you will be amazed. Just try these

“Make me a sandwich”

“What time is it?”

“Show me something cool”

Currency Converter

Yes. You may have already know this. But do you know you can directly convert currency in a single search in the search bar. Search for example 120 Rupees in USD. You will get the converted amount.

Set a Timer

Google can be your personal timer. Yes you heard me right! Just search for “Set timer for ____ time” and it will count down and buzz you when the time is up.

things can do using google

Play Atari breakout

Just search for “atari breakout” in Google image search and you will be surprised.

play a game using google


No matter which sport is your favorite, you simply need to put the name of the league or the competition in the Google search bar and it will automatically populate the scores (or times) for all of the games scheduled on that day.

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